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Debt Recovery

Optimize your entire collections lifecycle for more profitable operations.

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Keep your collections engine running smoothly

Improving operational efficiencies enables you to recover as much debt as possible.

As a trusted source of debt collection tools, TransUnion data and insights helps you achieve your goals through the power of smarter decisions.

inventory segmentation


Scrub your inventory to improve operations and mitigate risk.
Identify and remove specialized segments ― like bankruptcy, deceased, active military, lawsuit history and incarceration ― to avoid debts that are uncollectible and ensure you're complying with regulations.
account prioritization


Rank and segment your inventory from the most likely to pay to the least likely.
Identify and prioritize consumers by their propensity to pay. You can focus your resources and efforts on the accounts that are most likely to pay the debt ― while also saving time and money.
right party contact

Contact Solutions

Reach the right party fast with fresh contact data.
Monitor, update and validate contact information like phone numbers, addresses, places of employment and more. Use batch and API for large quantities of data. Keep your data current while reducing manual errors.

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The State of Third-Party Collections 2020

A deep dive into industry metrics and trends, plus see the growth opportunities for 2021.

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How we help

Trended credit data
Alternative data
Scoring and analytics
Trended credit data

Trended credit data

Information ― like credit balances, past due accounts and 30 months of account history ― shows how consumers' behavior has changed over time.

  • Score more consumers using a fluid score rather than traditional static scores
  • Leverage account monitoring and updates to millions of records daily
  • Be alerted when triggers like finances or life events change ― information that could impact propensity to pay
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Alternative data

Alternative data

Our data uses supplemental sources not found in traditional credit scores ― like account balances, credit limits and past due summaries.

  • Quickly eliminates unreliable information from the web and time spent on manual searches and uses skip tracing to filter through billions of records in seconds
  • Reveal insights otherwise invisible on traditional credit scores, such as phone numbers, addresses, place of employment, relatives, associates and more
  • Continually monitor and refresh customer data to eliminate errors and ensure information ― like addresses, phone numbers and name changes ― is up to date
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Scoring and analytics

Scoring and analytics

Sophisticated recovery scoring fuels maximum efficiency throughout the entire recovery cycle.

  • Leverage deep consumer insights to drive collections strategies
  • Use advanced analytics and modeling to recover more debt by focusing resources on high-yield inventory first
  • Make informed decisions to find more money from the same amount of inventory, quickly
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