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GSMA PathFinder® Number Resolution

Help ensure traffic is routed properly, improving cost efficiency and customer experience.

Powered by Neustar®

identity proof

Help calls and messages get securely delivered with authoritative operator identification information in real time

Product Capabilities

Global reach

Tracks ownership details of 8.6 billion phone numbers across 250 countries and territories — so messages get to the right destination.

Easy-to-use online portal

With a user-friendly interface and 99.999% platform availability, you can easily access up-to-date telephone number porting data 24/7.

A trusted neutral provider

Operating PathFinder on behalf of the GSMA for over 10 years.

Fresh and timely data

Because telephone numbers are ported so frequently, our data is updated daily from over 100 authoritative sources to help ensure accuracy.

Learn how GSMA Pathfinder helps service providers ensure traffic is routed properly


GSMA PathFinder® Powers Access to 8.6+ Billion Phone Numbers

Providing businesses and mobile operators access to information needed to communicate with customers anywhere in the world, helping to:

  • Enable global SMS, fraud detection and identity assurance
  • Businesses to communicate with customers
  • Users to seamlessly access data with continuous updates
  • Increase traffic
  • Reduce costs

Connect globally with TruContact GSMA PathFinder® Number Resolution