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TruContact Numbering Services

Manage authoritative telecom phone and subscriber information for a more trusted and secure experience.

Powered by Neustar®

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Accelerate customer connectivity by leveraging our deep integration with carriers across the telecom ecosystem


Reach 8.6 billion telephone numbers across 250 countries and territories for greater routing accuracy.¹


Telephone numbers updated from over 100 authoritative numbering data sources daily.¹


We provide 90% of caller ID services in the US.¹

¹Neustar, a TransUnion Company, Internal Analysis


Number Inventory Nirvana

Learn five guiding principles of managing number inventories from working with hundreds of carriers and billions of transactions. 

  • Consolidate and validate telephone number databases
  • Automate telephone number lifecycle process
  • Integrate with local number portability systems
  • Generate NRUF reports quickly
  • Analytics and visualization for proactive monitoring

See other TruContact solutions

Use our full suite of TruContact products to restore trust in communications and enhance customer outreach while streamlining delivery of telecom connectivity services.

Enhance engagement

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of outbound enterprise communications — coordinated around how and when customers will most likely respond.

Let customers know who’s calling

Manage consistency of enterprise brand identity and business information displayed to consumers.

Deliver new telecom connections, faster

Orchestrate network orders to deploy more efficiently, expand and deliver communications and connectivity services.

Connect subscribers confidently with TruContact