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TruLookup Locate and Recover

Find actionable information about individuals and businesses to solve cases, collect debt and recover assets.

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Discover connections and patterns to locate individuals and help recover debts or assets faster.

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Build intelligence and insights from over 100 billion records.¹


Connect the dots between 11 billion unique name and address combinations.¹


Access information from 4 billion phone records.¹

¹2021 TransUnion Internal Analysis


TruLookup Right-Party Contact Solutions Improve Contact Rates

An international top 20 bank needed to improve its account contact success rates. TruLookup Right-Party Contact data was able to:

  • Remove duplicate contacts
  • Update contact information
  • Receive appended records via bulk processing
  • Automatically monitor data for changes
  • Send alerts when contact information is updated

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Uncover potential risk

Gather information about individuals, businesses and assets to investigate and understand potential risk.


Manage customer information

Refresh existing customer profiles with current, actionable information, such as phone number, address and place of employment.

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Streamline investigations with TruLookup Locate and Recover products