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TruValidate IP Intelligence Solutions

Improve geographic compliance and fraud mitigation by clearly understanding the origin and legitimacy of web traffic.

with Neustar

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identity proof

Make better decisions on whom to interact with or block robust IP geolocation, ownership and routing data

Product Capabilities

Support for IPv6

We have extensive experience refining data collection practices and location assignment algorithms to address the challenges and opportunities of IPv6.

Proxy detection

Actionable decisioning data indicates the presence and type of anonymizer — including VPNs and corporate networks — with high precision.

Proprietary data collection and processing

We collect and refine IP data from countries across five continents, and incorporate partner data from countries with mobile networks.

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Secure trust across channels and deliver seamless experiences with TruValidate identity and fraud solutions.

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Insight into over 99.99% of all allocated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses worldwide.¹


Superior geolocation granularity with over 40 decisioning data fields.¹


TruValidate resolves 4.29 billion IP addresses in the IPv4 space.¹

¹Source: 2021 TransUnion analysis

Protect your organization with TruValidate IP Intelligence