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Partner Spotlight: Triton Digital’s John Rosso

At the 2023 Brave New Worlds Marketing Transformation Summit, TransUnion discussed the growth of the digital audio industry with Triton Digital CEO John Rosso. In the interview, Rosso touched on the need for both publishers and advertisers to recognize the importance of brand suitability amid today’s audio content boom.

“Podcasting is very top of mind with marketers these days,” Rosso said. “It's a rapidly growing medium, not just in terms of consumption, but also in terms of content. There are literally millions of podcasts, probably millions more today than there were a year ago. And in order for marketers to leverage that medium, we've got to make sure that the content is suitable for those marketers.”

You can view the full video of the interview here. And to learn more about Brave New Worlds and watch all panels on demand, visit the event homepage.

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