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Partner Spotlight: Webbula’s Jordan Feivelson

In a wide-ranging interview with TransUnion at the Brave New Worlds Marketing Transformation Summit, Webbula's Vice President of Digital Audiences Jordan Feivelson discussed the need for advertisers and publishers alike to orient themselves around privacy consciousness in a rapidly evolving marketing industry.

“In addition to keeping an eye on additional mediums that'll come into play, we also have to keep a focus on privacy,” Feivelson said. “It's a big hot topic within the industry. It's important that we're ahead of the privacy regulations that are coming, ensuring that all brands are compliant, and all platforms and all data providers are compliant.”

You can view the full video of the interview here. And to learn more about Brave New Worlds and watch all panels on demand, visit the event homepage.

Q. What challenges or trends are you seeing in the industry today?

Q. What made you want to attend and participate in Brave New Worlds?

Q. What should the industry keep an eye on between now and the next Brave New Worlds?