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Revolutionizing Intercarrier Wholesale Network Connectivity

At the MEF Global NaaS Event, industry leaders gathered to discuss Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) innovations. John Denemark, Senior Vice President of Carrier Provisioning at Transunion, provided an in-depth look at TruContact™ Universal Order Connect (UOC) — a cloud-based platform that helps automate and simplify the business of buying and selling intercarrier wholesale network connectivity.

View the video to discover how UOC, with built-in MEF LSO Sonata APIs, can help you:

  • Increase efficiency: Speed network connectivity transactions with automated processes
  • Enhance compatibility: Integrate with various industry standards (ASOG, etc.) to ensure LSO API functionality within the ecosystem
  • Simplify operations: Reduce complexity with a unified platform for both buyers and sellers

Ready to transform your network operations?

Don’t miss your opportunity to streamline wholesale network-connectivity order processing. Watch the video now to learn how UOC can benefit your business.