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TruContact Universal Order Connect (UOC)

A cloud-based platform used to compare quotes for wholesale access and transport services while helping deliver new connections faster.

Powered by Neustar®

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Simplify order creation, validation and submission

UOC for Buyers is part of the Universal Order Connect unified platform.

Product Capabilities

Automated service availability and quote comparison

Find the right suppliers for the services you need by location, and acquire and compare quotes from multiple providers in real time.

User-friendly workflows

Help buyers compare quotes, identify active leased circuits and streamline the entire order creation and submission process.

Automated reporting on operational metrics

Help ensure accuracy with automated data enrichment and translation into the formats your suppliers understand–ASOG, MEF, TM Forum, or proprietary broadband.

Streamlined trouble ticket management

Automate trouble ticket data exchange between carriers and off-net providers around circuits, facilities and network elements, including broadband.

Circuit inventory insights

Automatically identify and track active leased circuits by provider with ease to improve supplier management and drive operational efficiencies.

Analytics and reporting

View trends with automated tracking and reporting on operational issues to help make fact-based decisions.


Finally, there’s a better way to buy connectivity

Reduce order delivery timelines, protect margins, and ensure an optimal customer experience with Universal Order Connect.

  • Modernize and automate order processing
  • Benefit from a one-stop-shop for connectivity
  • Prioritize your workload
  • Make trouble reporting easy

Expand your network footprint with TruContact Universal Order Connect