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Video: Protect your customers and business from phone fraud

Imposter scams are the fastest growing type of phone fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). And as criminals increasingly leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for their exploits, the problem is bound to get worse.

Many consumers still want that personal experience, which is why the phone remains a popular communications channel — in turn making it a popular target for imposter scams. Yet, despite the risks, businesses rank the phone as one of their top strategic tools for improving the customer experience.

So, how can you promote your business while protecting your brand and customers? The answer is TransUnion Spoofed Call Protection (SCP) for businesses.

Watch this short video to discover how:

  • Criminals use AI and voice deepfakes to rob your business
  • SCP lets you digitally sign your own calls — so you can block illegitimate calls before they reach your customers
  • Consumers are demanding more protection so they can safely answer calls they want
  • You can protect your company’s reputation and brand