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A Nimble Approach to Measuring Marketing Performance

Why You Need Faster Insights

The ability to understand and attribute the impact of your marketing spend is critical to building a comprehensive measurement solution. But maximizing your marketing dollars also means finding ways to be flexible and generate insights more quickly. How can brands drill deeper than the results they get from typical marketing mix models? Is there a better way to stay nimble and demonstrate performance in a rapidly changing business climate? 
Watch the on-demand webinar as leaders from TransUnion and Google share their insights on how more nimble measurement solutions can help brands maximize their marketing dollars. You’ll find out: 

  • How to innovate your measurement practice by using all available data sources and strengthen the belief in your measurement capabilities

  • Ways to simulate the impact of budget reductions due to economic pressures and how to make a case for your marketing investment

  • Strategies to increase speed and flexibility with your marketing mix model measurement

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