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A Privacy-Centric Approach to Data Sharing With Snowflake

Having a robust customer view across all channels and touchpoints is not only vital for marketing success, but it’s also a key component in today’s privacy-first environment. Advanced identity resolution, powered by machine learning, can allow companies to connect disparate consumer data more safely and easily across offline and online sources.

Watch this on-demand webinar to see Ryan Engle, VP of Identity Products and Credit-Informed Marketing at TransUnion, and Adrian Bolosan, Industry Principal at Snowflake, discuss how you can enhance and maintain a holistic, privacy-centric perspective of your customers to power personalized customer experiences.

You’ll learn:

  • How to better protect and govern consumer data assets through identity resolution
  • Ways to enable privacy-enhanced data collaboration with brands and media partners across the marketing landscape
  • Strategies to maintain actionable and enriched information about consumers with continuous, real-time data updates

Created in partnership with AdWeekA Privacy-Centric Approach to Data Sharing with Snowflake — gives you Snowflake's perspective on better CX through an enhanced view of the customer. Watch it on demand.

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