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Diagnosing Financial Wellness


As today’s headlines report growing uncertainty, it’s no wonder consumers worry about their finances. But calming that insecurity requires more than a pile of cash. True financial wellness comes from consumers understanding what factors influence their situation, and how to manage and influence them. Guiding them to that understanding is a challenge for banks and credit unions of all sizes.

This webinar examines what modern financial wellness means and how banks and credit unions can deliver comprehensive strategies that help both their consumers and their institution. 

What's covered:

  • Common elements of financial wellness | Understand the everyday metrics consumers need to meet to have a healthy and (relatively) stress-free relationship with their finances.
  • The influence of credit and identity safety | Learn how the integrity of a consumer’s personal information can make or break their chances of financial wellness.
  • How financial institutions can help | Discover what goes into effective financial wellness programs — and how those initiatives benefit banks and credit unions as well as consumers. 

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