3 reasons couples should be on the same page about credit.

Don’t let credit misunderstandings ruin your Valentine’s Day.

Credit may not be the most romantic topic of conversation this Valentine’s Day. But being on the same page about credit may help strengthen your relationship and joint financial standing. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. Joint accounts affect both credit reports.

Shared accounts show up on the reports for both people. That means if one person falls behind on payments or the account gets charged off, it’ll count against both.

2. Shared financial values.

Money can be a sensitive topic for you and your partner to discuss. But having a common understanding about when you want to get credit, why to apply for credit, and how to pay it off can go a long way toward avoiding conflicts.

3. Long-term thinking.

Happy relationships are about more than finances or credit. But communicating about these topics now may go a longer way toward long-term happiness and avoiding future conflicts than roses or chocolate might.