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California Consumer Privacy Act

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives California consumers enhanced access and control over their personal information.

TransUnion is Committed to Data Privacy

Your data identity plays an important role in how you interact with the modern economy. The CCPA provides California consumers more control of certain information businesses collect about them. TransUnion is committed to providing a simple and secure process for California consumers to manage their personal information.

Credit reports and the information in them are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). When you make a CCPA request, it’s important to know that your credit report information will be retained to ensure you can continue to access the opportunities credit can provide.

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Your data identity is valuable. When your personal information is in the hands of a company like TransUnion, you expect it to be used with care. We take that responsibility seriously.

When we provide personal information to third parties, we’re enabling them to provide relevant products for consumers like you. If you opt out of the sale of your personal information with TransUnion, the companies we partner with may no longer be able to offer you the personalized experience you’ve come to expect. We want you to have the opportunities you deserve. However, we fully support your right to opt out of the sale of your personal information and have developed a process for you to exercise this right.

In compliance with the CCPA, TransUnion will only delete personal information you have directly provided us. For example, personal information related to your credit report is not subject to the CCPA. Credit report information helps us provide an accurate picture of each consumer, which is essential to maintaining trust in the marketplace.

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California consumers can request a data privacy disclosure, opt out and delete their personal information online.
Make Privacy Request

Request by phone

The easiest way for California consumers to exercise their CCPA rights is online. Requests can also be made by phone. For phone requests, please allow sufficient time for us to verify your identity and locate your information.

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