5 kinds of people who benefit from higher interest rates

On December 16, 2015, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates for the first time in more than a decade. While higher interest rates will make things tougher for some, others will benefit. Here are 5 kinds of people who benefit from higher interest rates:

1. Savers seeking safety

The least-risky types of accounts — bank savings, credit union savings, and money market, to name a few — offer better yields when interest rates rise.

2. Vacationers abroad

When interest rates increase, the dollar’s value does too. So those vacationing abroad or buying foreign goods may get a boost in spending power by using dollars.

3. Retirees

Those who depend on investment interest income for living expenses could see a little bit of relief if their interest rate rises and their investments increase in value.

4. Loan seekers

Higher interest rates mean lenders may find more reason to lend. So it could be a little easier than before for borrowers-to-be to become borrowers. But be careful — interest rates on those loans may rise too.

5. Credit ignorers

If you’ve been ignoring your credit, a rate hike may be just the spark you need to get in the know. Fortunately, TransUnion® makes it easy to stay up on your credit with:

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