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TransUnion Acquires eBureau

Blog Post10/10/2017
TransUnion Acquires eBureau

In today’s rapidly changing world, businesses need to meet consumers where they are in their financial journey. Organizations that leverage first-class modeling capabilities are well-positioned to serve consumers with more customized, relevant product and service offers.

To that end, TransUnion announced the acquisition of eBureau this week. eBureau is a leading provider of custom-analytic solutions with both credit-risk and anti-fraud applications.

For our customers, this acquisition is great news. With eBureau, businesses can quickly develop and deploy analytic models customized to their particular needs. eBureau will enable our customers to more quickly address changes in their external environment in just a matter of days.

Combined with TransUnion’s data and attributes, eBureau will foster greater analytical accuracy and effectiveness, ultimately promoting safer lending and less fraud for our customers and consumers. Businesses will also benefit from reduced opportunities for error, maximum model performance and the enablement of very tight, transparent model governance.

eBureau will fortify TransUnion’s analytics portfolio and integrate into its PramaSM platform, empowering our customers to make smarter decisions and move directly from market insight to action. Together, TransUnion and eBureau will change the statistical score development process to bring predictive analytics to organizations of varying sizes and capabilities.

We’re excited to welcome eBureau to TransUnion and offer our customers fast, effective custom analytics. For more information on the acquisition, visit TransUnion’s newsroom.