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Major US Telecom Provider Improves Customer Login Experience with Two-Factor Authentication


The previous authentication solution produced a flow of false positives and starved the fraud department of data. When customer complaints increased, there was no way to investigate the root cause of the cases.


The telecom provider had already found success using our device intelligence solution. Once the decision was made to incorporate our two-factor authentication solution, it unlocked significantly more data for the fraud team.


The fraud team works closely with the customer care team to streamline the login experience for website users, and customer complaints about the login experience have dropped. Password-based attacks and account takeover (ATO) are no longer a problem.

“We're saving the company money. Along with helping to automate our efforts, the data has been effective at reducing our manual review queue. Many of our checks use logic based upon the data that we pull, data that we didn't get from the previous authentication vendor.”
– Toby Ceselski, Business Data Analyst

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