Stay ahead of evolving fraud trends

Be armed with effective identity solutions to provide a smooth customer experience while protecting your bottom line.

Fraud is increasing not only in volume, but in sophistication. Today’s fraudsters are extremely clever, devising ways to fool your systems and processes, potentially causing massive losses. And with consumers’ rising expectations of smooth transactions in online channels, you must be positioned to deliver fast, safe, streamlined processes – or you’ll lose them.

TransUnion’s IDVisionSM suite of solutions allows you to:

  • Push good customers through, while proactively identify fraudulent situations
  • Reduce risk, manual reviews and back office expenses
  • Gain more complete view of online and offline consumer identities
  • Make better, faster verification decisions

We offer deeper, more expansive data to help you better understand your customers

IDVision wheel

IDVision capabilities include:

  • Identity Verification and Authentication – Know if the person is who they say they are
  • Digital Verification – Detect if the associated device, digital footprint or online behaviors are suspect
  • IDVision Alerts – Get notified if there’s something suspect about how the identity is being used
  • Synthetic Fraud Model – Detect whether the identity may be fabricated/manipulated to hide fraudulent behavior
  • Fraudulent charge-off Score – Look cross-wallet to identify intent to abandon
  • Fraud Prevention Exchange – Find out if devices or identity elements have been associated with high velocity or reported fraudulent behavior across our network of available customers
  • TLOxp – Instant insight helping you perform simple, powerful investigations and validations— get the truth in seconds
Product Highlights
  • Examines physical and digital identity elements, with transactional behaviors and insights into known associations

  • Marries rules based and machine learning to try to stay ahead of evolving fraud activity

  • Uses predictive analytics that link, interpret and analyze data –searching for anomolies and patterns of risk

  • Includes scores, attributes, decisions and actionable alerts, delivered when, where and how you need it

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