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Protect Against Digital Fraud Losses with Device Insights

Online purchases accelerated and grew in response to the pandemic, with over half of digital buyers now shopping on their phones at least once a week. These behaviors include shopping for groceries online, ordering clothes or coffee, requesting their ride share, and planning their next vacation online.

But, as online shopping increased, so did account takeover, promotion abuse and other forms of digital fraud. Companies need to secure new customer engagements without adding friction, and one powerful solution is device proofing.

Using insights about a device answers question like:

  • Is this device risky?
  • How likely is it this device belongs to the person using it?
  • Is this person behaving like a normal consumer or a fraudster?

Download our insight guide that explains how to protect account creation and mitigate account takeover without negatively impacting your good customers.

Device Proofing in a Digital Environment

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