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Public Records

Important information about public record item(s) on TransUnion Credit Reports

TransUnion reports public record items from local, state and federal courts and other public record sources.  If your TransUnion credit report contains a public record item, you may be required to explain it to potential creditors, employers and insurers.  Generally, TransUnion retains third-party vendors to collect this public record information and transmit it to TransUnion for inclusion on consumer credit reports.

Beginning in July 2017 and continuing through April 2018, as a result of our implementation of enhanced standards for the collection and timely updating of public record data included in consumer credit reports as part of the National Consumer Assistance Plan (“NCAP”) and as part of a lawsuit settlement, TransUnion agreed to stop reporting civil judgments, state tax liens and federal tax liens on credit reports and will not resume reporting these public record items on credit reports until January 1, 2020, at the earliest. 

TransUnion continues to report bankruptcy public records on credit reports.  For bankruptcy public records collected through November 30, 2018, TransUnion obtained information about your bankruptcy from third-party vendor, LexisNexis.  LexisNexis may be contacted using the information provided below.

LexisNexis Risk Data Management Inc.
LexisNexis Consumer Center
P. O. Box 105615
Atlanta, GA 30348-5108

For bankruptcy public records collected after November 30, 2018, TransUnion obtained information about your bankruptcy from third-party vendor, LCI.  LCI may be contacted using the information provided below.

LCI Consumer Center
P. O. Box 1582
Burlingame, CA 94010

Disputing Public Record Items on Your TransUnion Credit Report

Federal law allows you to dispute inaccurate information on your credit report.  There is no fee for filing a dispute.

You may submit a dispute with TransUnion in one of three ways:

Online: Mail: Phone: TransUnion LLC
Consumer Dispute Center
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19016
By toll-free telephone number at 800-916-8800.

Customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday (excluding major holidays) from 8 am to 11 pm Eastern time. You should have a copy of your TransUnion Credit Report before calling this telephone number. The credit report will contain a File Identification Number (File Number) that will be needed by the representative helping you.

If you believe your TransUnion Credit Report contains an inaccurate public record, when submitting your dispute, describe in detail each item you believe to be inaccurate and the reason you feel the item is incorrect.  You can also submit documents to support your dispute such as bankruptcy schedules and court orders or other court documents showing the current status and responsible parties of any public record you are disputing.

TransUnion may make changes to your credit report based solely on the documents and information you provide with your dispute. Otherwise, we will investigate your dispute by reviewing an electronic version of the public record made available by the public record source or by contacting the public record source itself. We then update our records based on our direct review of the electronic record—and provide you with the results of the investigation.

Once you submit your dispute to TransUnion, you will need to allow up to 30 to 45 days for the investigation of your dispute to be completed.  If you file a dispute online, you’ll be notified when you can view a credit report online that includes the results of our investigation. If you call or mail in your dispute, a summary reflecting the results of the investigation will be sent to you by first-class U.S. mail. Please allow five to seven business days (seven to ten business days for Puerto Rico residents) from the time we complete our investigation for mail delivery.

Additional Information

For more information about how to submit a dispute to TransUnion, please visit the Dispute Your Credit webpage.

If you’re a consumer with questions or issues related to your personal credit report, drivers history report, disputes, fraud, identity theft, credit report freeze or credit monitoring services, please visit our Customer Support Center for assistance.

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