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Be more effective at acquiring customers and expanding business relationships

DecisionEdge® is a powerful, flexible suite of data, analytic and decisioning solutions that enable businesses to turn insights into smarter, more targeted and more actionable decisions. Put DecisionEdge to work and you’ll likely benefit from this highly configurable suite of solutions that strengthen businesses in many ways. You’ll be able to deploy and optimize smart risk, and create marketing and identity management strategies for acquiring customers and expanding existing relationships. Overall, you’ll find an environment that empowers your business, reduces risk and expedites timelines.

DecisionEdge has powerful, easy to integrate technology that works to improve your decisioning

DecisionEdge for Acquisition

Deliver the right offer to the right person through the right channel. DecisionEdge for Acquisition gives you the insights, tools and flexibility to optimize your acquisition strategies and deliver targeted, efficient and automated decisions.

DecisionEdge for Cross-Sell

Anticipate your customers’ needs and expand your relationships. Grow wallet share by anticipating your customers’ needs and offering them relevant products and services. DecisionEdge provides the insights and tools you need to determine the right offer, at the right time, through the right channel.

  • Access new decision points and integrate relevant data assets

  • Apply advanced analytics to gain insights and make the best decisions

  • Implement marketing and risk strategies tailored for customer, channel and business goals

  • Deliver more targeted offers while reducing risk and improving speed-to-market

  • Go faster—make changes in hours instead of days, weeks or months

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