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TruAudience Credit Marketing Solutions

Optimize your credit marketing strategy — and drive
ROI — with solutions that improve targeting,
addressability and engagement in any channel.

identity proof

Reach credit prospects when and where they’re most likely to convert

TruAudience™ Credit Marketing Solutions

Improve conversion rates, drive efficient CPA and expand outreach across marketing channels.

TruAudience Marketing Solutions

Clean and enrich your data

Improve and augment your customer and prospect data.

Build high value audiences

Create and segment high quality customer and prospect audiences.

Activate omnichannel campaigns

Syndicate audiences at scale across all marketing channels.

Measure and optimize ROI

Continuously measure and improve marketing returns on investment.


Enhance data privacy and collaboration

Leverage data collaboration with greater security for privacy-first marketing and analytics. 

Transform your approach to credit marketing with TruAudience