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Explore, shape and act on consumer data and insights in the Prama analytics environment

To thrive in a dynamic business environment, organizations need easy access to data and analytics to help them better understand industry trends and performance. Yet, the ability to actually source, interpret and use data has continued to be a challenge…until now. PramaSM is a portfolio of groundbreaking, versatile data and analytics capabilities that empowers customers to easily discover, build and act on insights with the touch of a button.

By identifying market trends, analyzing the most relevant segments and making appropriate decisions and adjustments, you’ll be able to better position your organization and stay ahead of the competition.

The Prama portfolio consists of three flagship solutions — Prama DataHub,‌ Prama Insights and Prama Studio.

Prama DataHub is built on a world-class, big data architecture and houses TransUnion proprietary data, along with credit, non-credit, and public records data. Prama Insights delivers on-demand, 24/7 customer access to massive, depersonalized data sets and key analytics for portfolio understanding, benchmarking, and peer analysis. Prama Studio empowers you to create, test and manage attributes that support model development to achieve your growth, risk and compliance goals.

Prama DataHub includes extensive data management capabilities for cleansing, linking and matching, plus a module for archive data extract.

  • Prama Data Extract provides self-service access to 100% of TransUnion’s depersonalized, archive credit data through secure overnight delivery.

Prama Insights currently offers three modules that allow customers to subscribe to the information and benchmarks they deem most valuable.

  • Vintage Analysis allows for seven years of depersonalized credit performance comparisons between portfolio segments.
  • Market Insights provides quarterly views into depersonalized market credit activity and delinquency trends.
  • Benchmarking allows you to measure your performance across 60 months of data and compare it to the industry and your peers

Prama Insights provides customers the specific insights they need to grow smarter and make better business decisions.

Prama Studio currently offers one module to help you extract more value from big data.

  • Attribute Manager: allows you to develop attributes, modify attribute definitions, and centralize the development and management of attributes.
Prama provides:
  • Confidence

    Know when to act or not act

  • Context

    Benchmark and visualize performance against industry or peers

  • Speed

    Quickly move from data to meaningful insights

  • Flexibility

    Easily filter and shape insights without the need for additional resources

  • Comprehensive

    Massive national database comprised of all active credit consumers

  • Simplicity

    Designed for use by a variety of roles

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