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Prama Market Insights

Use Consumer Credit Trends to Expand Market Share and Manage Risk

Grow your business with credit market insights

Actionable Market Data at Your Fingertips

Make smarter decisions with on-demand market trends

Prama Dashboard Screenshot

Complete Consumer Credit Behavior Data

Access TransUnion’s depersonalized national credit data file with nine quarters of revolving, installment and delinquency key performance metrics, including:

  • Average and total balances, limits and utilization
  • Number of accounts
  • Average and total loan amount
  • Days past due, charge-off and bankruptcy
Prama Dashboard Screenshot

Powerful Analysis, Simplified

Use pre-defined dashboards that harness data for quick, thorough analysis. Filters and interactive maps enable dynamic drill-down to valuable insight by:

  • Line of business
  • Industry
  • Account status
  • Geography
  • Credit tier
Prama Dashboard Screenshot

Incorporate into Analytics Workflow

Export dashboards for use in presentations or spreadsheets, including:

  • Images – Charts, graphs, maps
  • Data – Charts, data tables
  • Crosstab – Comma-separated values (CSV) file
  • PDF – Entire workbook, selected dashboard, specific sheets

How Prama Market Insights Works

Watch this short demo to see how you can leverage Prama Market Insights to make better marketing and risk decisions.