Prama Market Insights

Access quarterly views on lending metrics most relevant to your business at a state, regional and national level

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Quickly access key lending metrics to gauge trends and make better-informed decisions

Competing in an increasingly dynamic and diverse marketplace necessitates more immediate access to actionable insights, performance and historical trends.  Financial institutions of all sizes must be able to quickly identify fluctuations in credit behavior and demonstrate how their existing strategies compare against benchmarks to stay ahead of the curve.

The PramaSM Market Insights module, a more interactive and on-demand version of TransUnion’s quarterly Industry Insights Report, provides detailed, depersonalized information on multiple types of credit at a state, regional and national level, and can be segmented by banks, credit unions, finance companies and other organizations. Use this easily accessible, highly interactive business intelligence tool to quickly turn data into relevant insights. With better visibility into origination trends and loan amounts, both in your geographic footprint and nationally, you can identify fast-growing segments and better understand changes in credit quality.

With Prama
Market Insights:
  • Access a robust national database with nine quarters of relevant data

  • Implement pre-built,
    on-demand dashboards that harness data for quick, thorough review

  • Parse, slice and dice data to isolate specific segments by geography, credit tier and product type

  • Easily export charts, graphs, and related summary data tables to support business decisions

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