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Get alerts when changes or opportunities occur that require your attention

As a customer of TransUnion, you can set up a trigger which will automatically monitor consumers and your accounts to alert you to changes that could affect your strategies. Customize your risk triggers based on criteria and strategies you find most effective. Pick and choose among premade triggers, or program your own. You could, for example, get alerts when consumers show new abilities to pay for collections. Or know when consumers' credit activities indicate receptiveness to marketing messages. Armed with timely knowledge, you can then respond quickly and confidently to events.

Account Management Triggers

Cost-effectively monitor your accounts so you can identify those most at risk in order to reduce future losses.

Acquisition Triggers

Know when consumers initiate credit activities you specify, so you can quickly respond with relevant offers.

Triggers for Collections

Receive alerts when consumer contact data changes or credit activity indicates a greater likelihood of recovery.

Short Term Lending Account Management Triggers

Monitor consumers’ activity in TransUnion’s Alternative Credit Database daily, staying up to date to focus efforts on accounts that need immediate support.

  • Monitor your accounts on a daily basis in a cost-effective manner

  • Focus your efforts on accounts that are most at risk to help reduce future losses

  • Support an increase in marketing response rates without increasing the risk profile of consumers

  • Identify incremental high responders not captured in traditional acquisition processes

  • Customize your collections solution by choosing among 19 standard predictive triggers

  • Quickly reprioritize resources to reach consumers for payment earlier in the collections cycle

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