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TruVision for Managing Customer Portfolios

Access a deeper view of customers for better-informed line management decisions and account treatment strategies.

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Diversify customer relationships across lines of business to protect and nurture their financial journeys while safeguarding profitability

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TruVision Portfolio Review

Enhance account management strategies with numerous scores and attributes.

TruVision Consumer Property Insights for Portfolio Management

Access critical insights from property data for improved risk management strategies.

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TruVision Express Portfolio Review

Improve portfolio management with an account review process that rapidly evaluates risk allowing you to identify, segment and prioritize accounts quickly.

TruVision Portfolio Valuation

Estimate the total amount recoverable to determine appropriate pricing for portfolios you sell or acquire.

TruVision Triggers

Use event-based monitoring to capitalize on timely information to make informed account management decisions.

TruVision Archive

Access depersonalized historical data to drill down on credit performance for current or retrospective analyses.


Financial Institution improves review process using Express Portfolio Review

The Financial Institution reported a 10% increase in business after using Express Portfolio Review.

  • Monitor overall portfolio health for reporting, forecasting and planning
  • Quickly identify, segment and prioritize accounts
  • Enhance customer retention and mitigate risk
  • Help meet compliance requirements

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