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VantageScore 3.0

More predictive credit-risk scoring for sought-after borrowers and millions of previously unscored consumers

Better predict the likelihood of serious delinquencies while enlarging your lending universe

The only model to be developed jointly by all three national Credit Reporting Companies (CRCs), VantageScore® 3.0 provides results directly from these critical sources. When combined with TransUnion’s insight and support, you get a credit-risk solution that’s more predictive, more consistent and more stable than older models. It offers up to a 25% predictive lift over earlier models for sought-after prime and near-prime consumers. And by considering at least 24 months of credit history (including utilities, rent and telco), the VantageScore 3.0 model can generate scores for 27–30 million previously unscorable consumers. That’s a whole new universe of potential customers.


Fitch Ratings:

Fitch Ratings accepts loans based on the VantageScore® model. Fitch has fully incorporated the VantageScore model into ResiLogic 2.1, its flagship quantitative model that provides credit risk analysis at the individual loan and pool level for residential mortgage loans.

Standard & Poor’s:

The VantageScore® model is an acceptable option for Standard & Poor’s clients to include in collateral characteristics when submitting portfolios of residential mortgage loans for rating purposes.

The VantageScore model is embedded into these industry platform standards:

  • MISMO 3
  • American Securitization Forum’s Project RESTART
  • All major vendors that provide the software necessary for lenders’ systems to communicate with the credit bureaus’ systems

Product Highlights

More accurate credit analysis from more granular data about consumers' credit histories

Credit scores for 27–30 million previously unscorable consumers

More stable scores across fluctuations in the market and consumer spending habits

Nearly identical risk alignment when pulling scores from multiple CRCs

A familiar scale that ranges from 300 to 850

Clear, easy-to-understand reason codes

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