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TruContact Universal Order Connect (UOC) Marketplace

A cloud-based solution that streamlines how wholesale connectivity services are marketed, sold and managed. 

Powered by Neustar®

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Plan network routes, deliver quotes with optimized pricing, automate the complex order management function and provide detailed order status updates and notifications with UOC Marketplace

UOC Marketplace for Sellers is part of the Universal Order connect unified platform.

Product Capabilities

Simplified order receipt and automatic SLA tracking

Reduce order fallout by 40% through automation, and track service level agreements help ensure compliance with customers.

Automated, enhanced status updates

Give wholesale customers a quick and an easy way to track orders throughout the process, reducing order inquiries.

Streamlined trouble ticket management

Simplify the management of incoming trouble reporting for circuits, facilities and network elements.

Analytics and reporting for better decision-making

Analyze wholesale orders by volume, timeline, customer, and profitability to inform network expansion and capacity decisions.


Finally, there’s a better way to sell connectivity

Learn how UOC Marketplace automates and streamlines how you market, sell, and manage your wholesale services — and grow your wholesale business.

  • Reduce order timelines
  • Increase revenue
  • Benefit from one-stop-shop for connectivity
  • Meet customer expectations
  • Stay competitive

Streamline telecom connectivity with UOC Marketplace