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TruValidate Device Proofing

Identify devices with past connections to fraud without imposing unnecessary friction on trustworthy consumers.

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Distinguish between risky transactions and trusted digital interactions using powerful insights into device recognition, context and behavior

Product Capabilities

Powerful device recognition technology

Analyses of thousands of permutations of device attributes help to identify billions of devices and assess risk in near real time.

Sophisticated device intelligence consortium

Over 10 billion device records help reveal connections between unknown and blocked devices and accounts, even across subscribers and industries.

Actionable device-identity linkages

Harness hundreds of signals from dozens of sources to authenticate the connection between a device and the user’s identity.

Guard against anomalous user behavior

Compare user behavior against typical behavior to understand intent and sort bad actors from legitimate consumers.

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Prevent digital fraud

Device Risk provides powerful device recognition technology and a device intelligence approach to help disrupt fraudsters and fraud rings

  • Accurately recognize all device types
  • Uncover and track hidden fraud patterns
  • Reveal device and account linkages
  • Evasion detection
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TruValidate™ Device Risk users reduce digital identity fraud by 20% on average.¹


We use thousands of permutations of device attributes to accurately identify devices while minimizing false positives.¹


Our device intelligence network recognizes 10 billion unique devices.¹

¹Source: 2021 TransUnion analysis

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