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TruValidate Inbound Authentication Solutions

Identify and authenticate inbound callers before they hear “hello.”

with Neustar®

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Improve customer experience and call resolution, and reduce fraud risk by evaluating each inbound caller

¹Forrester TEI report

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Product Capabilities

Identify unknown inbound callers

Check phone numbers against a database containing over 500 million numbers, corroborated up to every 15 minutes.

Pre or post-answer risk assessment

Gain additional trust signals with insights into billions of prior live-call inspections, and data available only to licensed carriers.

Pre-answer forensic network caller authentication

Inspect calling devices with carrier-only access into the telephone network to help ensure caller phones haven’t been spoofed, hacked or manipulated. 

Uncover potential red flags

Use aggregated trust scores, based on call signals, to identify high-risk callers. 

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Trust 95% of inbound callers via analysis of either their device or call.¹


Reduce inbound caller authentication questions by 80% to improve efficiency and customer experience.¹


Review calls from a database of over 4,000 North American telephone carriers.¹

¹Source: 2021 TransUnion analysis

Protect your organization with TruValidate Inbound Authentication Solutions