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TruValidate Step-Up Authentication Solutions

Deliver targeted step-up challenges to enhance fraud protection for your organization and customers.

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identity proof

Mitigate risk and secure trust across channels with dynamic, friction-right identity verification — including one-time passcodes

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Product Capabilities

Confirm consumer-provided phone numbers

Leverage robust consumer data to verify associations between users and phone numbers prior to issuing one-time passcodes (OTPs).

Detect risk before sending OTPs

Access unique, global phone datasets, corroborated with authoritative ownership linkages, to guard against OTP fraud vectors like SIM swapping.

Adaptable authentication with sophisticated logic

Customize out-of-wallet exam questions derived from diverse data sources according to transaction risk and organizational needs.


One-Time Passcodes Need Proactive Prevention

Download this infographic to learn how to improve your customer authentication strategy with more secure one-time passwords, including:

  • The most important capabilities to prevent SMS/text one-time passwords fraud 
  • Top benefits of preventing one-time passwords fraud
  • Top one-time passwords authentication challenges

Protect your organization with TruValidate Step-Up Authentication