Two people shopping for a car

In the market for a new car? Act fast.

Why right now may be one of the best times to get a good deal on a new car.

If getting a new car has been on your wish list (or list of needs!), now may be one of the best times find a great deal. Here's why.

It's the end of the month.

Dealerships typically have to meet certain sales numbers each month. That means you may find a salesperson who may be willing to go a little lower on their prices so they meet their monthly goals.

It's the end of the year.

As new models begin to enter the market, last year's models need to move off the lots and into driveways and garages. So if you don't need to have the current year's model, you may be able to find great deals on new versions of last year's car model.

It may be the beginning of the end of low interest rates.

Though interest rates are still near historical lows, the Federal Reserve has repeatedly signaled rates may be in for a steady rise. Though you never know how interest rates will actually move in the future, it's still a pretty good time to lock in a low payments with a relatively low rate.