Credit Score Monitoring Services

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The basics of credit monitoring

In today’s world, a lot of things depend on your credit—loan approvals, insurance premiums, even the success of job applications. Having a good grasp on your credit can help you get ahead in life and save you time and money. 

To help you stay on top of your credit report, TransUnion is offering free weekly reports online throughout 2023. While checking your free credit report is always a good idea, year-round credit score and report monitoring is equally important.

What is credit monitoring?

A credit monitoring service acts as both a personal assistant and watchdog when it comes to your credit. TransUnion’s Credit Monitoring services gives you frequent access to your credit history, so you can check your credit report as often as you like. It watches your credit reports and alerts you whenever there are critical changes to any of your accounts, such as new accounts being opened in your name, a credit card balance increase, or negative information like a late payment reported by one of your creditors. This helps you stay on track with maintaining healthy credit.

TransUnion Credit Monitoring services help keep you informed, so if you need to act fast, you can.

What can identity thieves do with my information?

With your name and social security number, imposters can open credit cards, rent an apartment, take out a car loan and even open new bank accounts. Most victims don’t realize they’ve been compromised until they review their credit report or credit card statements, and it may be too late. Using a credit monitoring service can help alleviate the headaches that come with trying to restore your identity after it’s been stolen. Credit monitoring notifications can help put you in a position to act fast should detected credit report changes indicate suspicious account activity.

Credit monitoring at your fingertips

In 2013, TransUnion launched a new mobile application to help consumers stay connected with their credit and personal finances. This mobile app puts credit monitoring at your fingertips. When you sign up for TransUnion Credit Monitoring, you can download the app from your smartphone’s app store, enable push notifications, and start getting alerts right on your phone. 

Credit monitoring won’t prevent you from being targeted by identity thieves, but it can certainly help mitigate the damage. Getting alerts whenever there are critical changes to your credit report can be a great way to find out about suspicious activity and possibly limit any damage.

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What You Need to Know:

The credit scores provided are based on the VantageScore® 3.0 model. Lenders use a variety of credit scores and are likely to use a credit score different from VantageScore® 3.0 to assess your creditworthiness.

Subscription price is $29.95 per month (plus tax where applicable). Cancel anytime.