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Our walk-up window in Crum Lynne, PA, is currently available only on certain days of the week. This is a result of our efforts to limit the effects of COVID -19. As always, you can get your free credit report at

Purchase a TransUnion credit report in person

TransUnion LLC
1510 Chester Pike
Crum Lynne, PA 19022
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Closed on major U.S. holidays.

TransUnion LLC
City View Plaza I
Suite 510
#48 State Road PR-165
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00968
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Atlantic Time Closed on major U.S. and Puerto Rico holidays

What You Need to Know:

There are various types of credit scores, and lenders use a variety of different types of credit scores to make lending decisions. The credit score you receive is based on the VantageScore 3.0 model and may not be the credit score model used by your lender.

Subscription price is $24.95 per month (plus tax where applicable).