Trended credit and alternative data

CreditVision Link Risk Score

Acquire more consumers without increasing your risk profile

As the first information services company to add multi-faceted trended and alternative data into core operations, TransUnion is dedicated to staying ahead of evolving risk scoring strategies. Our new CreditVision® LinkSM Risk Score is the first and only score in market to combine both trended credit bureau data and alternative data sources, resulting in a clearer picture of a consumer’s risk, as well as their ability to manage financial commitments.

CreditVision Link: Score with greater precision

Acquire more accounts while mitigating risk with clearer insights into consumers' risk profiles—even those with established thick credit files. Better identify both high-risk and high-opportunity consumers, and make better-informed decisions about consumers near score cutoffs.

CreditVision Link: Score more consumers

Use intelligence derived from trended credit bureau data and alternative data sources to score more than 60 million consumers that were traditionally unscorable. Often these consumers, either by choice or circumstance, operate outside of traditional credit arrangements, but have financial transactions worthy of consideration for risk underwriting.

“TransUnion’s alternative data credit score enables Sierra Auto Finance to better assess the creditworthiness of thin-file applicants. We found that a majority of thin-file applicants have previously used alternative credit products, but a majority of these loans are not reported to traditional credit bureaus. TransUnion brings traditional and alternative credit data together and that allows us to extend credit responsibly to customers who demonstrate they have the ability to repay the loan.

Our analysis revealed a strong correlation between historic alternative loan performance and future auto loan performance. As a result, Sierra’s current custom application score is significantly more predictive than our previous custom
application score.”

— Jeremy Jones
Chief Risk Officer, Sierra Auto Finance

  • Confidently score millions of new creditworthy consumers

  • Gain clearer insights into a consumer’s ability to manage financial commitments

  • More accurately determine best rates and offers

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