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What Can I Do If I Don’t Agree with My Dispute Results?

What Can I Do If I Don’t Agree with My Dispute Results?

When you find an inaccuracy on your credit report and dispute it with us, TransUnion will start an investigation. We send the disputed information to the lender to investigate it, and they have 30 days to respond. If the lender verifies the information is accurate, it will continue to show on your credit report.

If you still believe the item or account is inaccurate, you can follow the steps below.

Steps you can take if you disagree with your dispute results

  • Contact the lender that is reporting the inaccurate information directly
  • Initiate a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Portal complaint
  • Add a consumer statement to your credit report (100 words or less)
  • Contact your state's attorney general
  • File a repeat dispute with additional supporting documentation


How to add a consumer statement to your credit report

Every person has a unique financial story, and a consumer statement is an opportunity to tell yours. You can add this kind of note to your credit report to explain your financial situation to anyone who views your credit report.

To make things easier for you to add your consumer statement, we provide several pre-worded options that you can choose from like, “I am unable to make timely payments due to the impact on my job/wages as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.” You can also write your own statement in your own words. If you decide to add any personal or medical information, anyone who views your credit report will be able to see it.

A consumer statement is your opportunity to be heard. If you think it’s the right option for you, simply follow these instructions:

  • Go to our online dispute center
  • Create an account or sign in (If you recently added a credit freeze, fraud alert or disputed something, you should already have an account)
  • From the Dispute Center main page, click "START REQUEST"
  • An information box will appear. Read it over and click “AGREE & GET STARTED”
  • Once you see your credit data appear, scroll to the section that says “Consumer Statement”
    • Click “Add Statement”
    • Choose one of the consumer statement options provided, or write your own statement in 100 words or less (200 or less in Maine)
    • Add an expiration date for your statement (optional)
    • Click “SAVE & CONTINUE”

If you later decide you want to add to or delete your consumer statement, come back to the online dispute center. If you already have a dispute in process, you can contact us by phone or mail to add or change your consumer statement.


It’s important to check your credit reports regularly to make sure everything is accurate and up-to-date. If you find something inaccurate, you can ;dispute it online.

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