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Enabling trusted player experiences.

We help customers in all sectors of the gaming industry deliver a better player experience

  • Online sports betting providers
  • Platform providers
  • iGaming operators
  • Casinos
  • Daily fantasy sports

Holistic solutions that address the entire player journey

Player Acquisition

Drive more effective and responsible player acquisition programs at scale. Digital marketing drives value through:

  • Richer player profiles
  • Smarter lookalike models
  • Audience activation across digital and offline channels

Player Verification

Verify the authenticity of player provided information against rich datasets, including credit, public and device data. Identity proofing delivers ROI through:

  • Increased acceptance rates
  • Reduced abandonment and manual document review
  • Streamlined KYC verification

Fraud Prevention

Deploy AI, machine learning and device data to identify fraud at all risk points throughout the player journey. Fraud analytics empowers you to:

  • Stop bonus abuse and other sophisticated fraud
  • Protect your players from account takeover
  • Fulfill self-exclusion obligations

Player Authentication

Offer the best player experience with an authentication framework that matches process with risk. Risk-based authentication helps your business:

  • Protect player accounts, payments and transactions
  • Streamline the player journey with friction-right login
  • Improve safety and protect profits

Responsible Gaming

Leverage and integrate rich data assets to support and enhance your Responsible Gaming goals. Custom modeling helps your business enhance:

  • Responsible Gaming strategies
  • Actionable insights
  • Smarter and fairer decision making

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