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TruAudience Audience Solutions

Create high-performing audiences leveraging robust and actionable identity data.

with Neustar®

identity proof

Increase your marketing impact by using enriched data to target relevant customers and prospects

TruAudience™ Audience Solutions

Drive new sales, strengthen retention and create upsell opportunities through a comprehensive understanding of your customer and targeted audiences.


Over one hundred and seventy predictive segments across demographic, behavioral, property, financial and geographic data. 


Fifteen-thousand attributes for segmenting and targeting individuals and households.


Twenty-thousand off-the-shelf audiences not reliant on cookies and MAIDs across demos, geos, purchase, lifestyle, financial and media.

TruAudience Marketing Solutions

Clean and enrich your data

Improve and augment your customer and prospect data.

Activate omnichannel campaigns

Syndicate audiences at scale across all marketing channels.

Measure and optimize ROI

Continuously measure and improve marketing returns on investment.


Enhance data privacy and collaboration

Leverage data collaboration with greater security for privacy-first marketing and analytics. 

Acquire more customers

Improve campaign performance with credit-informed data and targeting solutions.

Transform your approach to audience creation and targeting