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The Enterprise Call Experience in 2023: Healthcare

The impact of negative call experiences on revenue

Patients are increasingly turning to telehealth and seeking more personal, customized care — requiring renewed focus on the patient experience. In turn, healthcare companies need new ways to build trust between providers and patients, often through a multichannel outbound communications strategy where phone calls still play a critical role. However, fraud that includes spoofers pretending to be healthcare providers attempting to obtain patients’ personal information has been on the rise. These poor call experiences, in addition to robocalls and spam mistagging, are having a negative impact on revenues.

In late 2022, we commissioned Omdia to conduct a survey of enterprises (across seven industries) that make large volumes of outbound calls to gain insights on current challenges and opportunities of the customer call experience.

Read the eBook for key findings regarding healthcare respondents, including:

  • They perceive the call experience to be closely tied to overall brand perception
  • The impact of negative call experiences is extreme or high when it comes to loss of sales/revenue
  • Close to 60% said the same for reduced patient satisfaction — which is closely tied to revenue

Find out how TruContact™ Branded Call Display (BCD) and Phone Behavior Intelligence (PBI) can help you get more calls answered, enhance the customer experience, and increase revenues.  

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