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Retrospective Analysis demonstrates which risk models best accomplish business objectives

In terms of consumer behavior and ability to pay, the past can predict the future. Using TransUnion historical credit information, a retrospective analysis will validate how well a specific model, multiple models or characteristics will predict future consumer behavior on your portfolio—throughout the account lifecycle. With these new insights, you can develop new acquisition, account management or collection strategies, or refine and revalidate strategies currently in place. Additionally, you can determine the most effective score cut-off thresholds for your specific portfolio objectives.

Standard reports provided include:

  • Score distribution report by numbers
  • Score distribution report by percentages
  • Interval rate report
  • Interval odds report
  • Cumulative prevention report: numbers
  • Cumulative prevention report: percentages
  • Cumulative acceptance report: percentages
  • Graphs: lift curves
  • Custom reports are available upon request
  • Any generic or custom risk model may be appended

  • Up to nine generic models may be included

  • Standard and custom performance definitions available

  • New account and existing account analysis available

  • Portfolio (example: installment versus revolving)

  • Geographic area (example: zip code, state)

  • Custom criteria (example: open dates, balances)

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