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Build your portfolio with auto leads identified through intelligent, credit-based solutions

In the auto finance marketplace you need to identify automotive sales leads so you can effectively meet your auto loan growth objectives. TransUnion’s acquisition tools help you establish which auto leads are eligible based on your criteria so you don’t waste time pursuing consumers that won’t be approved. You can even determine which of those auto prospects are expected to be shopping for a car in the next 30-60 days and estimate the risk of those applicants.

With TransUnion solutions, you can create a targeted audience of the most desirable automotive leads—eligible consumers who are likely in the market for new auto financing.

At the same time, having the tools and information to understand the complete picture of consumer behavior—not just at a point in time—is vital to making smarter decisions and closing more auto loans at competitive terms. With TransUnion’s CreditVision® trended data the auto finance marketplace has a more comprehensive view of a consumer’s credit behavior with up to 30 months of historical information.

Using an analytics-driven approach to identify and engage auto leads can lower your time spent on consumers that are less likely to act and increase your success rate of converting interested consumers into customers.

Auto purchase and refinance propensity models
Our propensity models are built to help auto lenders determine when a consumer might be in the market for an auto loan.

Prescreens for auto leads
Support your acquisition strategies by using prescreen campaigns that target prospects meeting your credit eligibility criteria who exhibit a high propensity to be in market for an auto loan. Bringing more precision to your marketing efforts can lead to a higher conversion rate while reducing the time and resources focusing on consumers that may not be ready to act.

TransUnion can help you:
  • Identify eligible consumers and allocate resources to generate the highest ROI

  • Target a more defined group of prospects for acquisition campaigns

  • Monitor accounts daily

  • Set suitable risk parameters

  • Tailor strategies based on predictive measures

  • Customize program setup based on current strategies

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