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TruAudience Activation Solutions

More effectively target audiences and personalize customer experiences across all paid and owned media channels.

with Neustar®

identity proof

Engage customers and prospects with confidence across the fragmented media and data world

TruAudience™ Activation Solutions

Improve your marketing impact with an integrated set of identity-powered data onboarding, omnichannel audience targeting and marketing personalization solutions.


Match offline to online consumer data at a much higher rate.


Reach nearly the entire US adult population with more effective advertising.


Syndicate audiences at scale across all offline, digital and streaming media channels.

Make effective marketing a reality with TruAudience

Clean and enrich your data

Improve and augment your customer and prospect data.

Build high value audiences

Create and segment high quality customer and prospect audiences.

Measure and optimize ROI

Continuously measure and improve marketing returns on investment.


Enhance data privacy and collaboration

Leverage data collaboration with greater security for privacy-first marketing and analytics. 

Acquire more customers

Improve campaign performance with credit-informed data and targeting solutions.

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