What Is A Good Credit Score

What is a good Credit Score Range with TransUnion?

What is a good TransUnion® credit score? That’s a good question. But before getting to TransUnion scores specifically, it’s helpful to look at credit score ranges more generally.

The usefulness of a credit score is in the eye of the lender.

Credit scores are designed to provide a quick snapshot of a consumer’s credit health. When lenders are evaluating a credit application, they are free to use credit scores as part of that process. Or not.

What’s more, if a particular lender considers credit scores, they are free to use whichever score or combination of scores they feel will best help them make a decision. They can also assign whatever weight or significance to a score or scores they would like.

So, generally speaking, what’s a good credit score for an applicant? It’s a score which, if used by a lender, is high enough to convince that lender to lend to that applicant under favorable terms.

What about TransUnion’s credit score?

TransUnion uses the VantageScore® 3.0 model, but the above way of looking at it still applies: two different lenders may have completely different opinions on what a good-enough TransUnion score is. And since lenders may use several different sources of information to evaluate an applicant’s creditworthiness, one lender may view two separate applicants differently, even if those applicants have the exact same TransUnion score under consideration.

What does VantageScore have to say?

Though there are no magic score numbers or strict cutoffs, VantageScore does provide some guidance on the quality of certain VantageScore 3.0 score ranges in this credit score chart:

Image Vantage Score_3

The above grades/categories are meant to give a general idea of how a score stacks up, but again, it all depends on the lender, the loan and your entire application.

While you can’t control how a lender might view your TransUnion credit score, you can control credit behaviors affecting your score. So make sure you use credit responsibly: pay your bills on time, don’t borrow more than you can afford, and watch how frequently you’re applying for credit.

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