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Why TU Credit Lock’s a Game Changer

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From Target to Anthem, breaches have become the norm. As sensitive information is exposed, one of the fears people have is an identity thief will use that information to get ahold of their credit. There are many ways to protect your credit and some have been around for a long time. Here’s why TU Credit Lock may be the most revolutionary.

What’s TU Credit Lock?

TU Credit Lock is a credit protection tool only available to TransUnion Credit Monitoring members. With just a click or swipe, you can use it to lock your TransUnion credit report. When locked, your TransUnion credit report can’t be accessed by creditors. If they ask for it, their request will be denied.

Why TU Credit Lock is such a big deal

If a thief gets ahold of your personal information, they could try to open up a line of credit in your name. Pretending they’re you, they could just go to a store or hop on a computer and apply for a credit card using your name and other personal information. To process and approve the application, the cashier or representative would need to run a credit check. And if that credit check requests your TransUnion credit report and it’s locked, the thief is denied and stopped in their tracks.

Aren’t there other ways to lock your credit?

Not like TU Credit Lock. Credit freezes are being talked about as a credit protection measure, but they’re pretty dramatic. Why? You can freeze your credit at any of the 3 credit bureaus. But to do so, you have to go through an online, phone or mail process involving several steps and pay a fee of $2 to $10 per bureau, depending on which state you’re in. Credit freezes are free if you’re already an identity theft victim, but that’s what we’re trying to avoid!

TU Credit Lock: a much more convenient alternative

Only available through TransUnion Credit Monitoring, TU Credit Lock lets you achieve something similar to a credit freeze with just a click or swipe. You can keep your TransUnion credit report locked until you need it or keep it unlocked until you believe there’s a threat. It’s your choice, but with TransUnion Credit Monitoring, you’ll know you have credit and identity protection close at hand—at the computer or on your phone.

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