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Bring precision to your marketing campaigns by targeting consumers more likely to become profitable customers

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Prescreens Features

Capabilities and Use Cases

TransUnion Prescreen Solutions help you develop more targeted marketing campaigns to maximize responses and grow revenue through traditional direct mail or online channels.

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CreditVision and CreditVision Link Prescreen

Leverage CreditVision and CreditVision Link data and analytics to provide a deeper, broader scope of consumer credit behavior over time and apply this precise data in direct mail or digital prescreens.

Estimated Campaign Sizing

Use campaign insights to better understand your target population and volumes that keep campaigns within budget to execute with confidence before ordering a prescreen — and get in market faster.

Custom Models

Quickly deploy custom modeling that taps into vast datasets beyond financial and credit attributes to identify those most likely to respond or be in market.

Digital Prescreen

Present online offers that complement or extend direct mail efforts using TransUnion’s sophisticated data — while remaining FCRA compliant.

Instant Prescreen

Automatically qualify existing customers for pre-selected offers and determine cross-selling opportunities by applying powerful prescreen data capabilities.

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