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Gain deeper insight into your best customers to create more intelligent, customized marketing strategies

TransUnion Prescreen Solutions, including credit prescreens, can help you develop targeted campaign lists to identify more appropriate consumer credit profiles and subsequently build a bigger customer base. This cuts down on conversion time by finding and connecting with consumers who best satisfy your marketing specifications and who are more likely to be open and responsive to offers. When your marketing investments are focused on the right individuals, you’re much more likely to have better results and meet your growth and risk management goals.

Credit Prescreens and other Prescreen Solutions help you develop more targeted marketing campaigns to maximize response and grow revenues

Instant Prescreen

Determine cross-selling opportunities by automatically qualifying existing customers for pre-selected credit offers

Auto Refinance Prescreen Packages

Using an interest rate calculator, this can help provide insight into the auto loans being funded by competitors

New Auto Loan Prescreen Packages

Identify potential consumers who are most likely to buy a vehicle in the next 30-60 days.

Prescreens for Insurance

Use risk scores, credit-based marketing models and credit attributes to foster policy expansion

CreditVision Prescreens

Engage the right prospects—leveraging CreditVision® data and analytics that provide a deeper and broader scope of consumer credit behavior over time.

Product Highlights
  • Increase response and activation rates to improve the chances of campaign success

  • Boost revenues and profitability

  • Lower costs by marketing only to those consumers who resemble your current customer base

  • Reduce the potential for bad debt losses

  • Determine the most appropriate risk parameters using past performance metrics

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