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TruAudience Publisher Solutions

Boost the impact and value of your content with privacy-first identity and audience-building capabilities.

with Neustar®

identity proof

Transform your content and advertising performance with the next generation of identity-driven publisher solutions

TruAudience Publisher Solutions

Enrich your audience data

Improve customer retention and acquisition by augmenting your known customer data and identifying unknown audiences.

Create higher value audiences

Expand on- and off-site reach with custom audiences and over 20,000 AdAdvisor segments free of reliance of cookies and mobile ad IDs.

Maximize streaming media reach and performance

Increase campaign reach and yield across programmatic and direct-sold CTV and streaming audio homes across over 50,000 audience segments. 


Maximize value across your properties

Built with privacy by design, TruAudience Publisher Solutions provide a cohesive set of tools to increase demand for targeted media.

  • Unified graph connecting offline and online identity
  • Marketplace with over 80 data partners
  • 100+ activation integrations
  • Real-time APIs to connect events
  • Rich demographic and behavioral data



Direct Media Sales

Create effective audiences for advertisers by leveraging first-party and TransUnion data.

Programmatic Selling

Make your inventory available and connected to demand in programmatic platforms with TruAudience ID.

Transform your approach to media monetization