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The State of MTA: Unbiased Research from the MMA

81% of senior marketers believe MTA has a bright future

Read the unbiased new research “MTA is Dead, Long Live MTA” from the MMA, the CMO-led marketing trade association, to assess the state of multi-touch attribution ("MTA"), also known as marketing attribution. The paper leverages real-world input from nearly 300 senior marketers to reveal key insights about their MTA journey. Download this original research on this attribution model to:

  • Reveal the top three obstacles impacting MTA adoption today
  • Learn why nearly 90% experience a distinct set of data issues and see their solutions
  • Get practical advice from top marketers who have scaled the MTA learning curve
  • See the three most important advances paving the way for MTA success 
  • Understand why MTA solution adoption is at 40% and where it’s headed

“Modern measurement requires grooming, calibration and careful integration, but it's well within our grasp. If you let cookie deprecation kill your ambitions, you didn't dream big enough."

- Eddie Drake, Bank of America

About this report:

The MMA, a trade association with more than 800 member companies worldwide, teamed with TransUnion to examine the state of multi-touch attribution in the industry. MMA had previously been called the Mobile Marketing Association, but today is a broader organization comprising mostly marketers on its board. Based on research and insights from rich one-on-one interviews, the MMA report shows that top marketers are diligently working their way through key obstacles and finding new compelling reasons to embrace MTA in their marketing attribution efforts. The report shares what was learned from these conversations, and offers guidance for marketers still sitting on the fence or looking to take their MTA performance to the next level. When used properly, MTA can be a valuable tool for marketers to use when examining any marketing channel and should be in every marketer's attribution model toolbox.

Read “MTA is Dead, Long Live MTA” today

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