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US Gig Economy Market 

Q4 2023

A look at consumer use of gig services and gig work for income 

To better understand individual attitudes and behaviors amid an evolving environment of inflation, economic uncertainty — and yet a thriving job market, TransUnion recently conducted a survey of those who use gig services and workers who use it as a source of income. 

The 2023 US Gig Economy Study revealed different motivations and influences that played an important role in determining whether and what type of gig work people decided to participate in. Additional insights speak to participant trust and safety experiences. Findings include: 

  • Of those who engaged in the gig economy, 37% used gig platforms solely as a source of income, while 39% only consumed gig services. The remaining 23% of participants were both earning income from and consuming gig services.  

  • Convenience and earning potential were the most powerful persuaders followed by recommendations from friends and family, in addition to ads from gig service platforms. 

  • With more than a quarter falling victim to fraud or identity theft while using a gig platform, participants expect gig platforms to protect identities and mitigate fraud 

Using the report results, platforms can adjust strategies to attract new and retain existing workers as they compete in an increasingly tight labor market.  

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