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TruContact Caller ID Authentication

Restore trust and reduce call spoofing by digitally signing calls using STIR/SHAKEN authentication.

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identity proof

Enable enterprises and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to certify their calls using STIR/SHAKEN call authentication to reduce call spoofing and fraud.

Product Capabilities

Robust, all-in-one solution

Includes all required and emerging STIR/SHAKEN components.

Flexible interfaces

Support for published REST API and SIP proxy interfaces to VoIP and IMS network elements, plus integration with all Neustar Caller Intelligence solutions.

Multiple deployment methods

Offered as an on-premise, locally deployed (as well as hosted and fully managed) solution in its elastic cloud environment.

Proven support

Technical support is available 24/7 from our experienced Caller ID Client Support team online and by phone or email.

Learn how Policy Manager helps you manage call authentication across solutions.


The Evolution of STIR/SHAKEN

Where it came from and where it’s going

  • Learn the history of STIR/SHAKEN
  • Find out who the stakeholders are and what they do
  • Learn how it works
  • Understand its impact

Protect your phone subscribers with TruContact Caller ID Authentication